Choosing the Right Tornado Shelter

Whenever a tornado hits, there is greater interest in buying shelters. While many people realize the importance of these structures, they may not know which types are right for their needs. Thankfully, storm shelters only have to meet basic criteria, such as strength, easy installation and enough room for your family. This does not mean that you can easily construct one yourself as it must still meet and surpass FEMA standards. Quality shelters must also be approved by engineers to ensure that they offer the kind of protection you will need.

In Oklahoma City, the issue of the quality of these structures is especially important. More than 150 tornadoes have hit this region since the late 1800s. Residents of this area understand the importance of having a safe structure that is easily accessible. Many homes in this area have cellars and storm shelters Tulsa safe rooms inside, but some of them may not be certified. The type of tornado shelters okc residents need must be able to withstand the onslaught of this devastating weather phenomenon.

If you are choosing an appropriate shelter for your family, the size is a key consideration, but other features like the locks and the lighting are also important. The largest tornado shelters okc residents can buy will hold up to 14 average sized people comfortably. Even if your family is small, you may want to make room for neighbors. There is no need to be worried about being in cramped quarters for long periods as most tornadoes last for about ten minutes. In rare cases, they may last for a little over an hour.

Manufacturers like Smart Shelters Inc offer additional features that make these structures more comfortable and easier to use. Young children might be scared while sitting in the shelter while the tornado rages above. Select one with battery operated lighting, as you may not have time to grab a flashlight when you are rushing to get to safety. A shelter with a fan will help to keep the occupants cool, so you should think about this feature as well. Retractable stairs can provide more space when everyone is inside.

One major concern for many people is being trapped by heavy objects that have fallen on top of the shelter. Talk to the shelter company about the option of buying a hydraulic jack that you can use to lift the lid. Before you buy any type of shelter, look at all the options first so that you will make the right choice for the safety of your family.


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